Jack and old Sam reach the Golden City. What will they discover?

February 2023

Jack Cobb was down on his luck. But then things started looking up...

January 2023

Gladys was late. But not too late.

December 2022

You better be good, you better be nice. A bonus Christmas story.
Luke's plan to stop the Christmas music went a little awry...

November 2022

Sara's master was difficult to please, but she had ambitions...

October 2022

Ellie faced a terrible decision

September 2022

Some kinds of love endure in unexpected circumstances.

August 2022

Driving home late one night, Carl discovered he had unfinished business to deal with.

July 2022

Be careful who you open the door to. They might change your life.

June 2022

Be careful how you interpret a prophecy.

May 2022

We live inside a series of narratives.